Aditi Karmakar

Aditi is a traditionally-trained Padabali Kirtan singer from Bengal whose voice, passion, and skill makes divine love palpable. She studied with her beloved music guru from the age of eight; he wept when she left Kolkata to go study Sanskrit in the Himalayas.

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Caterina Gushiken

Catarina: is a multi-disciplinary artist, illustrator, and designer who specializes in Sumi-e ink and watercolor paintings. She weaves imagination, myth, and the imagery of her mixed heritage together to create new worlds for the heart to inhabit.

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Catarina Gushiken was born in Sao Paulo. Her secondary education was very special; she attended the Technical High School in Communication Design, where she studied painting, photography and sculpture, besides compulsory subjects, which helped her find new ways to think and create. During this period she met artists who developed fashion-related projects and that gave her a direction to begin a career and start college afterwards. She graduated in Fashion Design and worked for eight years in that area, becoming a fashion design coordinator; however, her true passion was always drawing and painting. In 2007 she opened her studio, which today is located in the charming neighborhood of Aclimação in Sao Paulo, and then she got a postgraduate diploma in Art Direction at the Universidade Belas Artes. She has taught in Instituto Europeo di Design, gave workshops at PUC (Catholic University in Sao Paulo), CEDIM (Centro de Estudios Superiores de Diseño de Monterrey, Mexico), participated in the graduate dissertation committee of Creative Direction postgraduate course at FAAP (Faculdade Armando Álvares Penteado), of Fashion Design bachelor degree at Faculdade Santa Marcelina, and Communication bachelor degree at Universidade de Sao Paulo. Catarina was one of the chosen artists to participate in the documentary “West Encounters East”, (curation and production by Stella Holmes – 2013), which explores the immigration issues and cultural assimilation on the works of Japanese-Brazilian artists, along with renowned artists such as Tomie Ohtaka, Yutaka Toyota and Takashi Fukushima. The documentary won the Silver prize at the 35th Telly Awards and was also awarded the “International Brazilian Press Award” of 2014, winning the category “Film and Video” award. Watch her video

Ekabhumi Charles Ellik

Eka specializes in yantras, the sacred geometry of Hindu Tantra. His first book, the Shakti Coloring Book, was published to much acclaim in 2015. He is an illustrator, muralist, Yoga asana instructor, and award-winning performance poet.

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Ekabhumi Charles Ellik is an award-winning poet, author, devotional artist, cartoonist, emcee, and event producer. Through a ritualized and meditative creative method, he makes artworks to help people recognize the divinity of common experiences and find meaning in daily life. His artworks may be found in yoga studios, private homes, and on altars around the world. Ekabhumi’s work has been published widely, appearing in anthologies and journals like The Poetry of Yoga, Berkeley Fiction Review, and Pearl, as well as books like Tantra Illuminated by Christopher Hareesh Wallis and Awakening Shakti by Sally Kempton. His first book, the Shakti Coloring Book: Goddesses, Mandalas, and the Power of Sacred Geometry is now available from Sounds True Press. His upcoming Bhakti Coloring Book will be released in April 2018. Though his first love is the arts, he has a wide range of interests that are reflected in his many past occupations: Yoga instructor, stock options broker, handyman, journalist, ski boot fitter, competitive surfer and champion sailor. He toured internationally as a performance poet, and the poets he coached won numerous regional and national titles. For nearly two decades, he variously taught yoga, painting, public speaking, and creative writing to students ranging from kindergarten to post-graduate level. Ekabhumi is an inspiring, playful yet methodical teacher who utilizes the arts to help students cultivate deeper intuitive states. He is currently core faculty of and visiting faculty for The Bridge in Shanghai. On weekends, he can be found in his garden practicing silence and learning directly from Nature.

Mukul Purohit

Mukul is our guide and producer of the retreat. Born in Jaipur, educated in London and Australia, he is an art dealer/collector, financier, and founder of It is his love of sacred art that lead to planning this retreat.

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Mukul Purohit is the co-founder of the Art Escape and serves as the CEO of this initiative. He has a varied background in corporate finance, international partnering, global business development and IP licensing across Technology, Medtech, Lifesciences, Creative Industries and Hospitality sectors. Mukul works with the Corporate Finance teams of several listed/unlisted companies as an independent adviser and is on the board of several boutique CF firms focused on the ME / SA regions. An avid fine-art collector he is involved in incubating and promoting emerging artists. He is currently a partner with a Digital Art company - UnityART in Germany and also owns an artist marketing company called Shanayyas Art. He is also working on creating a wellness retreat company which would focus on the sciences of Vedic Astrology, Ayurveda, and Quantum Physics in spirituality. He is also the Head of Corporate Development at iAwake technologies US, a company that is attempting to democratise and make accessible ancient meditation techniques through the employment of cutting edge brain entrainment technologies. Mukul holds a business degree from Queensland University of Technology, Australia, and an arts degree from the University of Greenwich in London, the UK with varied courses in Corporate Finance, Marketing and Strategic Management from the UK and Canada

Shivani Ray

Shivani specializes in teaching Sanskrit Pronunciation as well as plain-spoken instruction of non-
denominational meditation for beginners. A life-long practitioner of yoga who was named as an infant by her guru, she is an actress, photographer, and CEO of

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Shivani (Śivānī) Ray is a meditation teacher and multi-disciplinary artist, and the Founder of Living Sanskrit. Born both American and into the yogic tradition, her life has been devoted to learning how to properly steward and utilize ancient indigenous wisdom in modern times, especially in non-native contexts. Shivani first heard Sanskrit in the womb, and has heard or sung it every day since! She grew up immersed in yogic teachings and practices under the guidance of her spiritual teacher and also her grandmother. Her grandmother – also a dedicated practitioner – made it a point to teach her the language, culture, and wisdom of this tradition from a young age. Living Sanskrit is the culmination of a long-held dream to keep this tradition alive and share its magnificent gifts with the world. She started teaching meditation in 2001 at the suggestion of her spiritual teacher. To date, she has taught thousands of people the art of meditation at venues that range from churches to hospitals to corporate boardrooms. From 2008-2014, Shivani also had a fellowship with the Berkeley Initiative for Mindfulness and Law, leading retreats and weekly meditation sessions at Berkeley Law School.

Tiffani Gyatso

Tiffani is a contemporary artist, designer, and Thangka painter. She graduated from the prestigious
Norbulingka Institute in India and has studied sacred geometry at the Prince’s School (PSTA) in London. She has taught all over South America, finally opening her own school in 2016: Atelier YabYum.

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Tiffani Gyatso is a Brazilian artist born in1981. She studied graphic design in Munich, Germany and later specialized in Thangka Painting (Tibetan Buddhist Art). She was introduced to the art at the Gandam monastery in Mongolia and completed her studies atthe Norbulingka Institute, in India (2003-06). In 2016/17 she enrolled in several courses insacred geometry and persian patterns at the Prince School (PSTA) inLondon, UK. From 2007to 2012 she undertook the large-scale project to paint a complete Tibetan temple (CEBB) in traditional form in south of Brazil. She teaches Thangka painting since 2006 all over Brazil and South America, opening in2016 the first school and art retreat inBrasil dedicated to this art form, the Atelier YabYum. She also develops her own contemporary art based on the intuitive and contemplative process as well as the Slow Art workshop, which she developed based inbody awareness, movement and contemplative arts. She exhibited her contemporary works several times inBrazil andNew York. Published the book“Life and Thangka”and writes to the Buddhist Door magazine. Eventually guides art groups to India and Nepal. "Thangka is a discipline that I needto practice when art immersions onmy Self have taken me too far ofmy focus. The two almost opposites ways of making art brings me balance. Thangka is the bread and free expression is like water - though only bread makes it too dry and only water does not feed you - I need both. Discpline and freedom." Mid 2012 she exhibited at the Tibet House gallery in New York, the series called “Mystic Nostalgia”. Watch more about it. And again in2015 with "Sublime Worlds". She works today ather studio called Atelier YabYum atthe country side of São Paulo state upin the mountains and teaches all over the country and South America. She lectures traditional thangka painting and also gives Immersions on Creative art, self expressions and Art therapy groups. Since 2013 she also takes annually, groups of people interested in buddhist art, to India, Nepal and southeast Asia thru the Chorten Viagens personalized travel agency.